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About PIANC International

The World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure (PIANC) You are leaving the PIANC USA web site. Click this icon for more information. is a forum for professional organizations to share developments and exchange knowledge of worldwide trends and challenges in port and waterway development and management. Founded in 1885, PIANC originally stood for the Permanent International Association of Navigation Congresses, but changed its name to the current in 2009.

What Does PIANC Do?

The World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure operates through a Council, which directs the international study commissions and working groups.

Technical working groups consist of participants from member countries who have interest and expertise in the issue being investigated. The groups gather, analyze and consolidate state-of-the-art material from each country. The resulting reports are published and sent to each PIANC member.

Recently, new working groups have been established on the following topics:

  • Environmental Aspects of Recreational Navigation
  • Design Principles for Container Terminals in Small and Medium Ports
  • Alternate Bank Protection Methods for Inland Waterways
  • Fish Passage

Every four years an International Congress, open to all members, is held for the presentation and discussion of papers on subjects pertaining to waterways and maritime navigation. The next Congress will be held in May 2010 in Liverpool, England. The U.S. will host the 2014 Congress.

Where Is PIANC Located?

The international headquarters is located in Brussels, Belgium, at facilities provided by the Belgian government.



PIANC brings together like-minded professionals to research and exchange information about port and waterway development and navigation.

Members from over 40 nations work together on Technical Working Groups to find cutting-edge solutions to navigation-related issues.

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