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PIANC USA 100th Anniversary Conference and Annual Meeting

April 16 - 19, 2002

Vicksburg, Mississippi

The U.S. Section of the World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure (PIANC) celebrated its centennial year April 16-19, 2002, in Vicksburg, Mississippi, with a 100th Anniversary Conference on the theme Waterborne Transportation Strategies and Policies. The meeting provided an opportunity to reflect on the importance of our ports, rivers and waterways as they are related to the growth of our nation and to look ahead to the enhanced role they will be called upon to play as we meet the challenges and opportunities of competing in a global economy. As our highways, railways and air routes become increasingly congested, we can enhance America's prosperity, competitiveness and quality of life by putting renewed emphasis on our rivers of commerce. Workshops were also held that were entitled Environmental Windows:  Achieving Dredging Decisions that Balance Economic and Environmental Concerns; and Inland Electronic Navigation.


Environmental Windows Workshop:  Achieving Dredging Decisions that Balance Economic and Environmental Concerns

Introductory Comments by Session Moderator

An Overview of the Issues: Real Problems and Potential Solutions

Environmental Windows and the Endangered Species Act: Protecting Salmonids in the Pacific Northwest

A Stakeholder's Viewpoint on the Environmental Windows Coordination Process

A Process for Setting, Managing, and Monitoring Environmental Windows for Dredging Projects

Environmental Windows as Emerging Issues in Europe

The Dredging Process: Opportunities to Avoid Windows

Session Summary

Workshop Discussion

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Inland Electronic Navigation Workshop

21st Century Safety and Efficiency Through Technology
Introductory Comments

Systems Available today "The good and the bad"

Status of Corps of Engineers IENC Initiative 

Proposed Corps Standards and Distribution

Perspective from electronic chart and system vendors on Inland Charts

Workshop Discussion:  Response from Towing Industry

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Opening Session of the Conference

Welcome: LTG Robert B. Flowers, Chief of Engineers, USACE

Opening Session Address by Mr. Dominic Izzo

A Look at PIANC History: Presentation on 1902 Dusseldorf Congress 

Introduction of Technical Program: Day 1

Panel 1: National and Regional Transportation Plans


U.S. Maritime Transportation System

Inland and Coastal Waterways in Transportation Plans of the European Union and Member States

U.S. Marine Transportation System


Panel 2:  Comparative Assessment of Environmental Impacts Introduction


Ecological and safety advantages of water transportation in comparison with other modes of transportation

Environmental advantages as a factor in prioritization of water transportation projects

Public perception of comparative environmental impacts and economic preferences for inland and coastal waterways and other modes of transportation

Presentation on the Mississippi River System, Clapp and Arnold

A Look at PIANC History

Panel 3:  Financing Water Transportation Projects Background and Introduction


Criteria for Economic Feasibility of Water Transportation Projects

Inland Waterways: The Funding Challenge

Challenges for the Inland Shipping Industry from a Western European Perspective


Panel 4:  Advanced Technologies Introduction


Innovations in Inland Ports and Shipping in the European Union: The Waterway Cross at Magdeburg, Germany

Innovations in the United States for Fast Coastal Shipping and Ports for Domestic and International Freight

Recent Developments in the Field of Inland Shipping in North Western Europe

Technical Program Conclusions by MG Robert H. Griffin

Luncheon Speakers

  • Mr. Terry Winsschel, Historian, U.S. Park Service, "In Defense of Vicksburg"
  • Mr. Neil Lawson, Australian Section PIANC, presentation on 30th International Navigation Congress
  • LTG Vald Heiberg III (US Army RET), presentation on Urban River Restoration Initiative.  (To be presented at the 30th International Congress)
  • Anniversary Dinner Presentations
  • Thomas H. Wakeman III, Master of Ceremonies, U.S. Commissioner, PIANC
  • Remarks by Eric Van Den Eede, President, PIANC
  • Principal Speaker: John Barry, author of Rising Tide: The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 and How It Changed America

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