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PIANC USA Annual Meeting 2003

October 28 - 30, 2003
Portland Marriott Downtown Hotel
1401 SW Naito Parkway
Portland, Oregon

The Annual Meeting of PIANC USA in 2003 took place in Portland, Oregon, and featured a large number of presentations. In addition to Working Group reports, there were presentations about partnerships and a roundtable discussion on the first day of the conference. Workshops about wetlands restoration and passing vessel issues were held on the following days.


Tuesday, October 28

Annual Meeting Call to Order/Introductions - Ron Conner, Secretary U.S. Section PIANC
Welcome, (pdf, 870KB) - COL Richard Hobernicht, Commander, Portland District 

The View from the President - MG Carl Strock, Director of Civil Works and President, U.S. Section PIANC

Report on U.S. Section Activities - Ron Conner

Partnering with ASCE/COPRI, (pdf, 39KB) - Patricia Brown, Director, COPRI

Reports from Working Group Representatives

  • Inland Navigation Commission - Sandra Knight
  • Environmental Commission - Robert Engler
  • Recreational Navigation Commission - Richard Dornhelm

Maritime Navigation Commission

  • Organization of American States Collaboration - Doris Bautch, Commissioner, U.S. Section PIANC

Roundtable Discussion: All Hazard Risk Management for Ports and Harbors-Protecting America's Ports from Natural and Manmade Disasters

  • Facilitator: Greg Shaw, George Washington University
  • Participants: John Meador, Chief Homeland Security
                Tom Jensen, President, National Safe Waterways and Seaports Alliance
                Kurt Nagle, President, American Association of Port Authorities
                Lt. Com. Randy Clark from U.S. Coast Guard
  • Results of Participant Survey on Port Security, (pdf, 95KB)

Wednesday, October 29

Wetlands Restoration Workshop

Passing Vessel Issues Workshop

  • Welcome and Overview of Vessel Impacts - Sandra Knight, ERDC

Modeling of Vessel Hydrodynamics

Thursday, October 30

Passing Vessel Issues Workshop continued

Berthing and Mooring Forces

Vessel Wake Effects on Safety


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