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PIANC USA 2008 Annual Meeting

July 15, 2008

USACE Institute for Water Resources
Alexandria, Virginia

Hilton Alexandria Mark Center
5000 Seminary Road
Alexandria, VA 22311


Climate Change and Navigation
Edmond Russo

EnviCom Task Group 2
"Toward Sustainable Waterborne Transportation"
Keith Hofseth

InCom Working Group 30
Chad Linna

InCom Working Group 96
Developments in the Automation and Remote Operation of Locks and Bridges
Dr. Ashok Kumar

InCom Working Group 127
Fish Passes
Mark Cornish

Innovations in Navigation Lock Design Working Group 29
T. Silverblatt

MarCom Maritime Navigation Commission
E. Dan Allen

Maritime Navigation Commission Working Group 56
Application of Geotextiles in Waterfront Protection
Doug Gaffney

New York State Canals
Thomas Grasso

PIANC Working Group 49
Horizontal and Vertical Dimensions of Fairways
Dr. Michael J. Briggs

PIANC USA Annual Report
Anne Cann

PIANC USA Latin America Activities
David V.Grier

PIANC and the Environment
Edmond Russo

PIANC RecCom Working Group 15
The Use of Alternative Materials in Marine Structure Construction
Terence M. Browne, P.E

Recreational Navigation Commission Update 2008
Jessica McIntyre

RIS - Rivers Information System
Our "Invisible" Transportation Network
Richard C. Lockwood

Subsurface 3D Modeling:
An Application to Waterfront Project Planning and Site Evaluation
Andrew S. Thomas

Young Professionals Commission
Jessica McIntyre


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