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PIANC Working Group 153 at the Parliament, Zagreb, Croatia

By Ron Heffron and Martin Eskijian

On Wednesday, March 18 2015 the "Zagreb Accord" was signed in the Parliament building in Zagreb, Croatia by the attending members of PIANC Working Group 153. WG 153 is preparing a PIANC document entitled "Recommendations for the Design and Assessment of Marine Oil & Petrochemical Terminals". The tongue-in-cheek "Accord" must still be ratified by all members before becoming the official position of the Working Group 153. The document is scheduled for publication in 2016.

This accord was the culmination of many months of deliberation over many working group sessions in meetings held throughout the world. Representatives include several oil companies, as well as marine terminal operators, consultants, key equipment vendors, and industry experts.

The "Accord" represents an agreement on a methodology and a key equation for the analysis and design of mooring points, including hook assemblies and supporting structures. The equation to determine forces on mooring points is being referred to as the "Fz Equation" in honor of its Zagreb culmination. This issue has been a point of dissention in the marine terminal engineering community for years. The resolution of this issue is an issue of great pride for the working group, which is developing a comprehensive set of recommendations for this important subset of marine terminals.

revised 31 March 2015



Pictured, from left to right, are Seated: Ron Heffron(chairman),
Second Row: Bill Asante, Rabinder Maku, Martin Eskijian, Luis Palacios, and Rodney Hancock
Third Row: Carlos Sanchidrian, Hermann Moens, Alistair Traylen, David Veale, and Jerko Kockijen