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PIANC USA Appoints New Technical Commission Members

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA. Please join us in congratulating and welcoming the newest U.S. appointees to PIANC's technical commissions. Appointees will be serving as the U.S. Principal Representative, Alternate, or YP Observer for these four technical commissions: the Inland Navigation Commission (InCom); the Maritime Navigation Commission (MarCom); the Environmental Commission (EnviCom); and the Recreational Navigation Commission (RecCom). The appointments are made by The Honorable Jo-Ellen Darcy, Assistant Secretary of the Army, Civil Works, for four year terms.

The appointees for InCom are Craig Philip of Vanderbilt University as Principal Representative, Jose Sanchez, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), as Alternate Representative and Brian Ball of USACE as YP Observer.

The new Principal Representative for MarCom is Ron Hefron, Moffatt & Nichol. The Alternate Representative is Richard Styles, USACE. The YP Observer is Christopher Thomas of Bechtel.

Todd Bridges, USACE, will be serving as Principal Representative of EnviCom. Serving alongside him as Alternate Representative will be Burton Suedel, USACE, and Eddie Brauer, USACE, as the YP observer.

RecCom's new principal representative is Jonathan Armbruster of Taylor Engineering, with a member of the Moffatt & Nichol team in London serving as the Alternate Representative and Matthew Trammell, Taylor Engineering, as YP Observer.

In accordance with Appendix B of the PIANC USA Rules and Regulations, the duties of representatives on the Technical Commissions are as follows:

  1. Attend meetings of the Technical Commission. Notify the Office of PIANC USA about plans to attend a meeting. Following the meeting submit a written report to the Secretary of PIANC USA. The report should summarize the meeting and note action items for which PIANC USA is responsible.
  2. Recommend subjects for study by working groups and international study commissions.
  3. In consultation with other Technical Commission representatives, evaluate the terms of reference proposed for new working groups.
  4. When a working group is proposed by the U.S., the representative is responsible for seeing that it is promptly and accurately presented to the Commission and guide the terms of reference though the approval process.
  5. Gather information that may be needed to revise the proposed terms of reference.
  6. Determine that the terms of reference reflect the interests of PIANC USA.
  7. Serve as monitor to a working group. Make a report on the status of the working group at meetings of the Technical Commission. Provide guidance to chairperson of the working group concerning content of report, technical information or problems of scheduling.
  8. Review draft working group reports, if requested to do so.
  9. Maintain contact with U.S. chairmen of working groups, offering assistance with problems which are appropriate to bring up at meetings of the Technical Commission. Problems may include lack of cooperation from a representative of another country as well as poor performance on the part of a U.S. representative.
  10. Assist with selection of a member(s) of PIANC USA to serve as a working group representative. Assist with formation of a sub-committee to work with the U.S. representative.
  11. Provide other assistance when requested by the Secretary of PIANC USA or the Chairperson of the Technical Commission.
  12. Make a report on activities of the Technical Commission at the semi-annual meetings of the U.S. Commission. The report shall be submitted in writing and may be presented verbally if the representative wishes to attend the Commission meeting at his/her own expense.
  13. When necessary coordinate work with other Commissions.

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revised 27 Jul 2015