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PIANC USA Celebrates Working Group Members' Efforts

Last fall the PIANC USA Commissioners unanimously voted in favor of creating an award certificate to thank U.S. members who serve on PIANC international working groups. The result was a beautiful plaque with a certificate signed by the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works) and the Deputy Commanding General, Civil and Emergency Operations, with the PIANC USA coin mounted below. The certificates were given to those whose working group report was published in 2014. Since the mission of PIANC is to provide expert guidance and technical advice by bringing together the best international experts to produce high quality technical reports, the U.S. Section felt it was important to highlight the efforts that its members have contributed. We look forward to continuing this recognition program in the future!

The 2014 certificates were awarded to the following people:

Harbour Approach Channels - Design Guidelines (MarCom 121)
Michael J. Briggs, USACE, ret.

Countries in Transition (CiT): Coastal Erosion Mitigation Guidelines (CoCom 123)
Lesley Ewing, California Coastal Commission

Design Principles for Small and Medium Marine Container Terminals (MarCom 135)
Laurence Emsley, Collins Engineers Inc.
Steven Gray, Moffatt & Nichol

Navigation Structures: Their Role Within Flood Defence Systems - Resilience and Performance Under Overloading Conditions (InCom 137)
Kenton Braun, PND Engineers, Inc.
John D. Clarkson, USACE
Angela Desoto-Duncan, Tetra Tech, Inc.
Dale Miller, Tetra Tech, Inc.
David P. Sullivan, USACE

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Lessons Learnt from Navigation Structures (InCom 138)
Brenden McKinley, USACE
Timothy M. Paulus, USACE

Initial Assessment of Environmental Effects of Navigation and Infrastructure Projects (EnviCom 143)
Burton Suedel, USACE
Sandra Brasfield, USACE

Classification of Soils and Rocks for the Maritime Dredging Process (MarCom 144)
Greg Sraders, Great Lakes Dredging & Dock
Mijid Yavary, CAS Group Consulting

Sustainable Ports - A Guide for Port Authorities (EnviCom 150)
Carlos Peña, CLE Engineers, Inc.
Catherine Alcoba, USACE
Lisa Wunder, Port of Los Angeles

Master Plans for the Development of Existing Ports (MarCom 158)
Ron Coles, W.R. Coles & Assoc.

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revised 4 August 2015

Photo of MG Jackson

Burton Suedel (left) and Sandra Brasfield (right), with Beth Flemming (center) Director of ERDC's Environmental Lab. Mr. Suedel and Ms. Brasfield, both of USACE-ERDC, contributed to the EnviCom 143 Report, Initial Assessment of Environmental Effects of Navigation and Infrastructure Projects.