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Permanent Task Group on Climate Change and Working Group InCom 190 Call for Members

PIANC USA still has spots to fill in the Permanent Task Group on Climate Change and the new Working Group InCom 190, "Corrosion Protection of Lock Equipment." Please see the "Terms of Reference" below for specific information on each.

The U.S. Section can appoint a (1) Principal Representative, (2) an Alternate, and (3) a "Young Professional" — someone 40 and under. The Principal Representative should be able to attend meetings of the working group, which are usually held in a European city, approximately twice per year. PIANC USA does not provide travel or per diem expenses for working group participants, so this support must be provided by the individual or his/her agency/company.

The U.S. Section also encourages the official reps to set up a "U.S. Subcommittee" to assist with the publication. This is a wonderful way to get involved without travel funding support.

If interested in serving as a U.S. Rep or on the subcommittee, please send a brief CV to Anne Cann as soon as possible. It is likely that the kick-off meeting for this working group will be held in February 2016.

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revised 22 January 2016