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Case Studies Needed for PIANC's Think Climate Coalition

PIANC is currently working with several partner organizations in a new "Think Climate" coalition. Complete details are provided here at PIANC Think Climate.

PIANC is aware that around the world, there are already many examples of good practices in climate change adaptation for waterborne transport infrastructure. PIANC Working Group 178 is preparing technical guidance on climate change adaptation for maritime and inland port and navigation infrastructure. Working Group 178 is asking people to share their experiences of adapting port and navigation infrastructure to the effects of a changing climate. Examples are not limited to the design of new infrastructure; many ports and waterways will need to adapt their existing infrastructure, activities or operations. And it is not only the larger organizations that will need to adapt; smaller or less well-resourced operators may face some of the biggest challenges.

The resulting published guidance, which will play an important role in helping the waterborne infrastructure sector adapt to climate change, will include a toolbox of adaptation measures compiled from a library of case studies.

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revised 22 January 2016