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Vol. 1, Issue 5, December 2009


Holiday Message from Secretariat

We are grateful at the PIANC USA Secretariat for all of the contributions that our members make to the organization every year. PIANC could not function without the volunteers who serve on Working Groups and participate in conferences and seminars.

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Election Results - Miller to Serve as Western Region Vice President

Mr. Dale Miller, P.E., S.E., Vice President and Director of Project Management at INCA Engineers, Inc., Bellevue, WA, won the recent PIANC USA election for the Western Region Vice President. PIANC USA was fortunate to have two excellent candidates and the race was close, but the "congratulations" to goes Mr. Miller who came out ahead in the end.

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Highlights from Recent Environmental Meetings in New Orleans

On October 28, 2009, in New Orleans, Louisiana, the US Section of PIANC held a one-day technical seminar on "Navigating the Environment - Managing Risks and Sustaining Benefits". The seminar was organized by PIANC's international Environmental Commission (EnviCom) and PIANC USA. EnviCom's global mission relates to both broad and specific issues related to sustainability, environmental risks, and navigation. It also develops and provides environmental guidance for sustainable waterborne transport, ports and waterways.

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New Working Groups Announced - Call for Members

PIANC recently announced several new working groups. Please see the "Terms of Reference" for more information on each group.

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Call for PIANC Marina Design Excellence 'Jack Nichol' Award 2010

PIANC established the PIANC Marina Design Excellence 'Jack Nichol' Award in 2002 in memory of the late Jack Nichol, a distinguished member of the PIANC Recreational Navigation Commission and noted marina designer. The purpose of the Award is to recognize excellence in the design of modern recreational boating facilities around the world. Applications may be submitted by both PIANC National Sections and individual applicants. Completed applications are due 31 December 2009.

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Optional Charitable Contribution to PIANC USA Student Travel Scholarship Fund

By making a charitable contribution to the PIANC USA Student Travel Scholarship Fund, you are enabling PIANC USA to continue providing travel scholarships to full time students to attend PIANC USA conferences and seminars. In 2009, PIANC USA paid one thousand, one hundred and sixty-four dollars for student travel. Your optional donation will be earmarked for this travel fund.

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Young Professionals Corner

The agenda is set and registration is open for the PIANC Congress (May 10-14, 2010) in Liverpool. Please check the YP-Com website for information on upcoming activities at the PIANC Congress this May in Liverpool including a competition for YPs presenting at the conference. Any PIANC Young Professional (born later than 1968) is invited to participate! If you are an YP and are presenting or planning to attend, please let us know! E-mail the Chairman of YP-Com.

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Vision Unveiled For "Mosaic of Habitats" in the New York/New Jersey Estuary

While underway aboard the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer's vessel Hayward, the Army Corps hosted a group of waterfront leaders, including congressional representatives and other key-decision makers from over 20 organizations, during a New York & New Jersey Harbor inspection that included traveling up the Hudson River.

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Register Now for PIANC's 125th Anniversary Congress

May 10 - 14, 2010
Liverpool, UK

The MMX PIANC Congress and AGA '10 is now open for registration at www.piancmmx.org.uk

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Navigation Engineering: Understanding the Basics of This Growing Specialty

The importance of the Marine Transportation System cannot be overstated. Despite growth in communications and high speed transportation, the nation’s ports and waterways remain the critical backbone of our economy and national defense. This seminar presents the basics of the specialty area of navigation engineering – what it is, who’s doing it, and where its information resources are available.

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Registration Open for PORTS 2010 Conference

April 25-28, 2010
Jacksonville, Florida
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The technical program grid for Ports 2010 has been released, and registration for the conference is now available through the Ports 2010 website. Following the long tradition of the PORTS Conferences, we are anticipating lively and stimulating discussions of theory, practices, methods, technologies, and standards, as applied in current practical applications. Conference participants will obtain a new and broader appreciation of recent developments in port engineering worldwide, and will have numerous opportunities to cultivate new connections with peers with similar interests, facing similar challenging port applications.

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