2015 Recap – A Message from the U.S. Section Secretariat

2015 Recap – A Message from the U.S. Section Secretariat

– Posted 2016-01-22

Dear PIANC USA member:

We would like to thank you for your continued membership in and support of PIANC, the World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure! 2015 was a busy year for the US Section, and we are looking forward to another great year of activities and technical exchanges. The 2016 membership renewals will be emailed to each member in January, but if you are interested in getting a jump start please use the 2016 membership invoice.

As a reminder, membership includes access to the password protected area of the PIANC website where you’ll find the downloadable technical reports, magazines, on-line membership directory, and more! Access is at www.pianc.org.

Membership in PIANC provides many rewarding opportunities such as:

Networking – PIANC USA provides opportunities for navigation infrastructure leaders to connect with a domestic and international community of technical professionals. Members meet to exchange information, build business contacts and develop professional relationships.

Conferences & Workshops – PIANC USA organizes conferences, seminars and workshops to disseminate the latest engineering, scientific and economic advancements in the field of inland and maritime navigation and ports. Technical professionals from around the world gather to network, present and publish papers, and gain knowledge at PIANC World Congresses and technical specialty conferences such as the recent Smart Rivers 2015 and Dredging 2015, and the upcoming PortsTM 2016 in New Orleans (co-sponsored with the American Society of Civil Engineers).

Young Professionals – PIANC USA provides opportunities for training and development of Young Professionals (members 40 years of age and under). The goal is to provide value to students and professionals in the early years of their career by giving young professionals awards for technical papers, positions on working groups, and hosting cultural and professional exchanges. See the “Save the Date Announcement” in this newsletter for the 2016 Young Professionals technical visit, taking place in June in Washington DC and Baltimore, MD.

Working Groups – PIANC USA participates in PIANC International Technical Working Groups (WGs), comprised of experts from member countries who gather, analyze and consolidate state-of-the-practice solutions from each country. The resulting reports are published and distributed to each PIANC member. Members gain international recognition through working group participation. US members contributed to the following WG Reports published in 2015:

Guidelines for Protecting Berthing Structures from Scour Caused by Ships (MarCom 180): Marcel Hermanns, Port of Portland.

Semiprobalistic Design Concept of Hydraulic Structures (InCom 140): Robert Patev USACE, and Perry Cole, Dibble Engineers, Inc.

Design and Maintenance of Container Terminal Pavements (Marcom 165): Ashebir Jacob, Moffatt & Nichol, and Mark Smallridge, Nigel Nixon and Partners, Inc.

Anti-Sedimentation Systems for Marinas and Yacht Harbors (RecCom 130): Richard Dornhelm, Moffatt & Nichol.

Thank you again for your participation in PIANC USA. We look forward to working with you in 2016!