Our conferences foster the dissemination of engineering, scientific and economic advancements in navigation and ports operation and maintenance. We encourage you to learn more about our efforts to support and improve waterborne transportation! Check out the PIANC Headquarters website for information about additional international events.

Upcoming Events


2018-05-31_12-22-09-e1527786634556 Events36th International Conference on Coastal Engineering
Date: July 30 – Aug 3, 2018
Location: Baltimore, MD
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2018-05-31_12-22-09-e1527786634556 Events4th PIANC Mediterranean Days and 7th Spanish National Section Congress of the Technical Association of Ports and Coasts (ATPYC) – Working with Nature
Date: October 17-19th, 2018 (additional internal PIANC Meetings starting Oct 12)
Location: Seville, Spain
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2018-05-31_12-22-09-e1527786634556 Events2018-05-31_12-22-09-e1527786634556 EventsPORTS ® ‘19
Date: September 15-18, 2019
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
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2018-05-31_12-22-09-e1527786634556 EventsPIANC Annual General Assembly (AGA) 2019 (AGA Delegates only)
Date: June 5, 2019
Location: Kobe, Japan

Recent Events


2018-05-31_12-22-09-e1527786634556 Events34th PIANC World Congress 2018
Date: May 7 to 11, 2018
Location: Panama City, Panama
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2018-05-31_12-22-09-e1527786634556 EventsPIANC Annual General Assembly 2018
Date: May 4-6, 2018
Location: Panama City, Panama
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2018-05-31_12-22-09-e1527786634556 EventsSmart Rivers 2017
Date: September 18-21, 2017
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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2018-05-31_12-22-09-e1527786634556 EventsPIANC-PTGCC Working Group on Climate Change Adaptation for Maritime and Inland Port and Navigation Infrastructure
Date: February 23-24, 2017
Location: New York City, NY
A workshop was held at the Port of New York and New Jersey in Brooklyn on February 23 and 24, 2017 as part of PIANC Working Group 178.  The objective of the workshop was to gain information for WG 178 on the current state of climate change adaptation in the ports sector, raise awareness regarding climate change impacts, adaptation planning, and the forthcoming guidance document, and to provide a platform for organizations to exchange ideas.
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Past Events


Dredging 2015 Conference – Moving and Managing Sediments
Date: October 19-22, 2015
Location: Savannah, Georgia
PIANC USA & the Coasts, Oceans, Ports & Rivers Institute (COPRI / ASCE) hosted the Dredging 2015 Conference  in Savannah, Georgia, October 19-22, 2015, at the Hyatt Regency on the Riverfront in the Downtown Historic District. This was the fifth technical specialty conference, with plenary sessions, concurrent technical sessions, short courses, tours, and a large industry exhibit hall.
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Dredging 2012
Date: October 22-25, 2012
Location: San Diego, CA
PIANC USA organized this event, co-sponsoring with COPRI/ASCE.
Conference Program and Presentations

PIANC USA Annual Meeting
In conjunction with the 2012 Joint Conference of Harbor Safety Committees and Area Maritime Security Committees
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
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Smart Rivers 2011
Date: September 13-16, 2011
Location: New Orleans, LA
Conference Program and Presentations 

Networking and Navigation Infrastructure
Date: June 16, 2011
Location: Atlanta, GA
PIANC USA was the host of this event.
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Smart Rivers 2007
Date: September 16-19, 2007
Location: Louisville, KY
Conference Program and Presentations