Smart Rivers 2007

Smart Rivers 2007

The Smart Rivers 2007 conference took place September 16-19, 2007, in Louisville, KY.

2007 Smart Rivers Program

Session 1

Lessons from Smart Rivers 2006 – Arno Hart

Session 2

European IWT Success Stories – Past and Future – Joerg Rusche

Navigation Economic Technologies-Wes Wilson

Session 3

Container Development in Constanta / Danube Waterway-Gerhard Gussmagg

Barge Operations on the Columbia-Snake Rivers – Ken O’Hollaren

Session 4

Ohio Mainstem Study- Mark Hammond

Externalities and Project Approval-Larry Bray

Finnish Waterway System – Olli Holm

Waterways and Economic Development Organizations- Scott Hercik

Session 5

e-Maritime and River Information Services – Lea Kuiters

USACE Approach to Information Technology – Jim Walker

River Information Service in Europe- Juergen Troegl

Kiel Canal System – Robert Pfister

Session 6

PIANC’s Interests in Inland River Ports – Ian White

Organization and Management of River Ports – Yves Morin

Performance Indicators for Inland Waterways Transport (WG 32) – Reinhard Pfliegl

Session 7

Transforming a Barge Company into a Transportation Company – Michael Ryan

Future Research on Inland Navigation – A European Perspective – Michael Fastenbauer

Our Inland Waterways – Mark Carr

Navigation Asset Management Optimizing the Nation’s Investments – William Harder

The Environmental Perspective of the Rhine – Margriet Schoor