PIANC USA Young Professionals

PIANC USA Young Professionals

What is a Young Professional?

A Young Professional member of PIANC USA is described as any member who is under 40 years of age. PIANC USA has formed a Young Professional Group dedicated to providing opportunities for young professionals in the field of navigation to meet other professionals locally, nationally and globally.

Why a Young Professionals Group?

At present, there is a large generation gap among active members in PIANC. Internationally, PIANC is encouraging young professional involvement and in 2006 formed a permanent commission, called YPCom. PIANC USA has formed a national section young professionals group to focus on the needs and interests of young U.S. professionals in the field of navigation and to support the international PIANC organization in their parallel effort. Country representatives of YPCom meet twice a year to discuss young professional development at the international and national levels.

More information on the Young Professionals Group

PIANC USA welcomes young professional members to help shape the US young professionals group. Interested members should contact piancusayp@gmail.com to receive emails regarding young professional activities and/or to help with the formation of the US young professionals group.

Ongoing Young Professionals Events

PIANC seminars and Working Groups provide young professionals in the navigation field a way to meet with other professionals, both those new to the community and members with more experience. At receptions, exhibits, technical presentations and tours, participants broaden their awareness of the most current issues in their field, listen to presentations of award-winning research, and extend their network of professional contacts.

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PIANC Working Groups

Each national section is allowed two Principal representatives and one Young Professional representative in each PIANC international working group. In addition, some working groups have subcommittees composed of several members from one or more countries. Interested in joining a working group? Contact PIANC USA at pianc@usace.army.mil.

Scholarship Opportunities

The De Paepe-Willems Paper Award was created to encourage professionals 40 years of age or younger to submit for presentation outstanding technical articles in the fields of interest of PIANC, including policy, management, design, economics, integration with other transport modes, technology, safety, public involvement and the environment.

There are periodically awards offered for student travel to PIANC meetings and conferences. Please contact PIANC USA for more information.

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